Home Made Sound is a collaboration between the Metro Tunnel Creative Program and Melbourne Music Week to showcase the original new music created in Victoria during the restrictions imposed during COVID-19 in the Victoria during 2020.
Home Made Sound delivers a riot of creative colour in the form of jazz, orchestral sound, lush electronica, high-energy melodic dance, electro-acoustic harp and looping vocals. While you listen to the tracks online why not take a stroll to University Plaza and discover the massive artwork by Studio Round which accompanies the music. 
Original music was created by Bonnie Mercer + Diimpa + Hannah McKittock + Israel Carter + Mystery Guest + Përolas + Tanya George in response to COVID-19 for the Metro Tunnel Creative Program. ​​​​​​​
Wednesday the 9th of December to Thursday the 18th of February  Daily at University Square Plaza.
University Square
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